Welcome to Rock The Midlife Show, a podcast that brings you fun and interesting conversations to inspire, motivate, and encourage women on their journey through midlife.

Every week we interview experts, coaches, teachers, authors… around topics related to midlife – from personal development, relationships, family, business, money, mindset to health, fitness, fun, and anything in between.

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Meet the host

Alenka Tercic is an empowerment coach, writer, and speaker, who helps women in their 40s and 50s rock their midlife so they can step into their next stage of life with excitement and confidence.

Alenka is also available for speaking at your events (summits, podcasts, lives…)

Latest Episodes:

  • Ep.006: Trust Your Feelings with Christa Norris
    Christa Norris is Intuitive Coach and Energy Healer and in this interview, she shares about her own spiritual path and what she is observing about our mental health and accepting our feelings and emotions. We are often diminishing and putting down a woman’s personal experience. Christa emphasises how important it is to observe and listen to whatever your deeper parts, your deeper self is telling you.
  • Ep.005: Let’s Celebrate Midlife with Alenka Tercic
    Midlife is often looked upon as something bad. Your life starts to deteriorate and you are just waiting to die. And add to that the crisis that’s inevitable and we …
  • Ep.004: Transcend the Physical for Ultimate Wellbeing with Zoe Foster
    Taking care of ourselves is a very important part of a fulfilled life. Currently, though people seem to focus on everything physical and external. Our guest today is Zoë Foster – …
  • Ep.003: Embrace Your Inner Rebel with Petra Monaco
    The ‘rules’ made up by society feels like pressure for all of us. Being a perfect friend, perfect spouse,  perfect parent… We all want that, but at what cost? Usually, …
  • Ep.002: Access Your Inner Wisdom with Debbie Pokornik
    Women of the world, imagine feeling confident and sure about WHO you are and WHAT you’re here to do in life. What would that mean to you? Females go through …
  • Ep.001: Create the Magic with Tam Veilleux
    What does MAGIC mean to you? How can we get more into the space of creating magic? I met Tam back in my parenting coaching days when she published her …