Welcome to Rock The Midlife Show, a podcast that brings you fun and interesting conversations to inspire, motivate, and encourage women on their journey through midlife.

Every week we interview experts, coaches, teachers, authors… around topics related to midlife – from personal development, relationships, family, business, money, mindset to health, fitness, fun, and anything in between.

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Meet the host

Alenka Tercic is an empowerment coach, writer, and speaker, who helps women in their 40s and 50s rock their midlife so they can step into their next stage of life with excitement and confidence.

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Latest Episodes:

  • Ep.017: Midlife Dating with Jonathon Aslay
    Thinking of starting dating again after a divorce? It might be scary, awkward, and often times very challenging, especially with the luggage of past experiences most women (and men) went through – divorce, family court, empty nest, elderly parents… In this interview, we talked about how women can break the pattern of dating the wrong guys by finding that inner peace and love for themselves first. And Jonathon gave some awesome tips on how women can understand men better.
  • Ep.016: Living Courageously with Leanne Babcock
    As we approach midlife, it’s so easy to get comfortable, content and complacent, telling ourselves that we are too old, that it’s too late and that most of our lives are over. Leanne Babcock is a perfect example of how life can be amazing even when we grow older. She embraced her inner knowing, trusting her intuition and living life to the fullest – jumping from one adventure into another, trying new things and boldly going forward.
  • Ep.015: Consciously Co-create Your Life with Alenka Tercic
    To be yourself in today’s world requires courage, but also taking full responsibility for our thoughts, actions and emotions. Living the life on our terms and consciously creating the world around us demands the integratiy, honoring our values and most of all, choosing who we want to be. In this episode, I talk about those choices that we are making every day, regardless of the situation, about taking ownership of our choices regardless of the outcome and about expecting miracles and magic regardless of our past experiences.
  • Ep.014: Clear Up Food Confusion with Suz Carpenter
    We are more confused and overwhelmed than ever when it comes to actually losing weight and keeping it off. All the options, information, diets, trends… we are bombarded every day with, yet more and more people are struggling with choosing to eat what’s right for them. Suz shared her own story of shame and fear around weight, which led her to her mission – helping other women find food peace.
  • Ep.013: Deserving Blissful Relationship with Scot McKay
    Finding the right partner and having a great relationship seems like a big mountain to climb. Especially for women in midlife, who have been through their own share of bad dates or relationships, who now approach dating with caution and reserve and who are not settling for anything but the best.
  • Ep.012: Be Your Own Spiritual Guide with Susan Ellis-Saller
    Being able to hold space and counsel for yourself is empowering. No one else can truly feel into the totality of your emotions, intuition, and true desires like you can. Susan shares how anybody can interpret messages the Universe sends, getting in touch and in tune with your soul, for yourself, and why it is so empowering to read your own cards and learn symbolism.