Welcome to Rock The Midlife Show, a podcast that brings you fun and interesting conversations to inspire, motivate, and encourage women on their journey through midlife.

Every week we interview experts, coaches, teachers, authors… around topics related to midlife – from personal development, relationships, family, business, money, mindset to health, fitness, fun, and anything in between.

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Meet the host

Alenka Tercic is an empowerment coach, writer, and speaker, who helps women in their 40s and 50s rock their midlife so they can step into their next stage of life with excitement and confidence.

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Latest Episodes:

  • Ep.012: Be Your Own Spiritual Guide with Susan Ellis-Saller
    Being able to hold space and counsel for yourself is empowering. No one else can truly feel into the totality of your emotions, intuition, and true desires like you can. Susan shares how anybody can interpret messages the Universe sends, getting in touch and in tune with your soul, for yourself, and why it is so empowering to read your own cards and learn symbolism.
  • Ep.011: Money and Spirituality with Sarupa Shah
    In this interview, Sarupa Shah talks about the true role of money as the exchange tool, nothing else. Yet we’ve made it so complicated how we view the money. We make decisions through money. We measure our value, worth, and purpose with it. We tie so many fears and doubts and insecurities with it. We talked about the common stories we tell ourselves of and about money and how to change those stories to serve us, not hinder us.
  • Ep.010: The Greatest Gift of Midlife with Alenka Tercic
    In this episode, Alenka shares why she believes that getting to know, accept, and finally be yourself is the greatest gift of midlife. We get to see behind the curtains, the veils are lifting and the layers of our conditioning are falling away. We get to dig deep inside, finding and uncovering pieces of ourselves that we hid to please and accommodate others. To finally be ourselves.
  • Ep.009: Menopause Done Naturally with Angie Garton
    Menopause is a natural phase in our lives, in the evolution of women’s bodies, yet so often it comes with anxiety, fear, and worry. In this interview, Angie shares how to do menopause naturally. We discussed the symptoms that women can experience and how they can tell if those are signs of menopause or something else (because not everything can be attributed to hormones).
  • Ep.008: Parenting Wholeheartedly with Danielle Bettmann
    Home is what matters. The parent-child relationship creates templates for life, and parenting is the HARDEST job in the entire world, with no training or manual to do it well. It’s an evolution of growth for both parties, and every child is unique. In this interview, Danielle Bettmann shares about how the parent-child relationship evolves as kids age, and what’s important “big picture”
  • Ep.007: The Price of Leadership with James Arthur Ray
    James Arthur Ray had it all. He lived an American dream. And then, after one tragic event, he lost it all. All his life fell apart – his company gone, his home and savings gone, even his friends turned their back on him. In this interview, James shares how he got himself up again, how he overcame the pain and hurt and how he deals with the guilt and responsibility for the events.