Ep.002: Access Your Inner Wisdom with Debbie Pokornik

Women of the world, imagine feeling confident and sure about WHO you are and WHAT you’re here to do in life. What would that mean to you?

Females go through so many changes in their lives – they become women, sisters, wives, moms, grandmoms. These changes usually mean a change in the perception of self as well. All the social roles that are attached to women during their life become knotted and confusing in our minds, until we lose ourselves in all the advice that other people try to feed us every day.  But what about our own wisdom? That inner voice that gives us advice?

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About Debbie

Debbie Pokornik, is a semi-retired mother, natural health nut, dedicated dog owner, award winning author and social worker.  She helps every-day women create extraordinary lives, by guiding them through an awakening process that removes blocks, reconnects them with their inner wisdom and helps them to gracefully stand in their power.

Debbie is the host of the Vibrant, Powerful Moms show, has written several books and created the multi-award winning Family Booster Shots. She lives on a small acreage in Manitoba with her family in a yard that is far too big to keep free of unwanted plant growth.