Ep.004: Transcend the Physical for Ultimate Wellbeing with Zoe Foster

Taking care of ourselves is a very important part of a fulfilled life. Currently, though people seem to focus on everything physical and external. Our guest today is Zoë Foster – a life energy alchemist – and she believes that we need to transcend the physical and connect to our inner/higher selves to reach the state of wellbeing.

In this interview, Zoë shares her own journey of healing multiple chronic conditions, and why she believes focusing purely on healing our physical selves is keeping us sick. She lets us in on how she has made a connection to the connection with her spiritual self.

Zoë also gives an insight on how important is to find the right support from people who understand what you are going through. She underlines the importance of finding alternative tools to pick yourself up and finally start healing.

During the interview she takes us on an embodied journey to your healthiest, most vibrant Selves, as well as teach you how to create your own, authentically-aligned, holistic wellbeing!

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About Zoe

Zoë Foster – big-picture visionary, creative problem-solver and life energy alchemist. A born adventurer, tea-connoisseur and cacaoholic. She believes in magic, soul-driven purpose and adventure! She believes in choice and empowerment. She believes we all need to find a way back to ourselves. She believes in finding your life’s orgasmic bliss points. (Really).
She is the introverted, intuitive, creator of The Expression Elixir – a blend of holistic yoga alongside cognitive psychology, linguistic wizardry, and tantric philosophy to seismically shift energy with life changing results.