Ep.005: Let’s Celebrate Midlife with Alenka Tercic

Midlife is often looked upon as something bad. Your life starts to deteriorate and you are just waiting to die. And add to that the crisis that’s inevitable and we are doomed to hell.

But I see midlife as amazing opportunity. Midlife is an important part of our life cycle and we should celebrate it, not frown upon it and dread it. It gives us perfect opportunity to start anew but on the foundations of our past experiences, our skills and knowledge, our wisdom and insights. It’s a passage, the transition into the part of your life where you get to know yourself. You get to fulfil your dreams and you are finally YOU.

It’s the beautiful time where we can fully accept, embrace, and love ourselves just as we are. We get to be us. We get to shine our light and use our powers to create a better future.

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