Ep.006: Trust Your Feelings with Christa Norris

Ep.006: Trust Your Feelings with Christa Norris

Christa is an intuitive healer and she honored her abilities from a young age, spending much time in nature, gazing at the clouds and stars. Yet her journey was not always easy, as our society is quick to judge and tell you what and how to feel.

In this interview, Christa shares about her own spiritual path and what she is observing about our mental health and accepting our feelings and emotions. We are often diminishing and putting down a woman’s personal experience and her own autonomy and power in allowing her to express how she’s feeling and what she’s experiencing.

Christa emphasizes how important it is to observe and listen to whatever your deeper parts, your deeper self is telling you. There is a very large piece of yourself that you haven’t been listening to. We ignore the pain and unease, and it will grow until we are forced to pay attention.

It is time to allow yourself to take that step, just experiment, try something out. It doesn’t have to be big but the more you give yourself permission to listen to what your inner deeper self is telling you, the better you’ll feel and you’ll start healing.

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Christa Norris is Intuitive Coach and Energy Healer at Shape Your World Coaching: Supporting and helping women around the world. Christa is a trained and certified Life + Relationships Coach, and Spiritual + Energy Healer. Intuitive, with over 20 years’ experience. She supports you to achieve your goals in life, relationships, career and business – by aligning you with all you need within, so that you CAN receive your dreams: like MAGIC!

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