Ep.008: Parenting Wholeheartedly with Danielle Bettmann

Home is what matters – 90% of their brain is formed before kindergarten, the emotional climate wires their subconscious, the parent-child relationship creates templates for life, and parenting is the HARDEST job in the entire world, with no training or manual to do it well. It’s an evolution of growth for both parties, and every child is unique. And we are never done, even when kids leave home.

In this interview, Danielle shares about how the parent-child relationship evolves as kids age, and what’s important “big picture” – not only identifying the end goal, and “phases” but what it looks like to relate to them and why it’s important.

We discussed how to shift the culture in the parent-child relationship from “me vs. you” to “us vs. problems” and we talked why we are responsible TO our kids not FOR our kids.

Of course, we also touched the subject of the empty nest and how to parent grown-up kids 😉

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About Danielle:

Danielle Bettmann is a parenting coach with her own business, Wholeheartedly in Omaha, NE.   She believes parenting is the hardest job in the world! Her goal with 1-on-1 parent coaching is to come alongside parents to equip them with the tools, mindsets & perspectives they need to be the parent they want to be. 

She started her podcast, Failing Motherhood, to normalize the struggle and share vulnerable stories of feeling like a “failure”. 

Connect with Danielle:

Website: wholeheartedlyomaha.com
Podcast: https://failingmotherhood.buzzsprout.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wholeheartedlyomaha/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/parent_wholeheartedly/