Ep.009: Menopause Done Naturally with Angie Garton

Ep.009: Menopause Done Naturally with Angie Garton

Menopause is a natural phase in our lives, in the evolution of women’s bodies, yet so often it comes with anxiety, fear, and worry. Usually, it’s accompanied by threats and intimidation stories from the elderly. Add to that the marketing and media that emphasize the problems and issues, and no wonder women get overwhelmed and scared.

In this interview, Angie shares how to do menopause naturally. We discussed the symptoms that women can experience and how they can tell if those are signs of menopause or something else (because not everything can be attributed to hormones).

We talked about the common mistakes women make when entering this stage of life and what they can do to make the transition easier. Angie talks about the simple steps and strategies so women can feel more control and can get on with their life again.

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About Angie:

Angie Garton helps women aged 45-50 to feel more hopeful and less fearful about menopause, so that amongst the weight gain, anxiety, hot flushes and sleep problems, they can do what it takes to find themselves again.

She helps them to make natural changes to their lifestyle with impressive results, to put them back in control.

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