Ep.010: The Greatest Gift of Midlife with Alenka Tercic

Ep.010: The Greatest Gift of Midlife with Alenka Tercic

When we hit our 40s or 50s, it seems like we have it all. But so many of us start to feel something is missing. We start to question who we really are, what we are here on Earth for, what’s our soul mission and purpose… We feel lost and overwhelmed by the emotions and feelings we are experiencing. After all, we should be happy and content with what we have and who we are.

When It Seems Life Is Falling Apart, It May Actually Be Falling Into Place.

That’s why I believe that getting to know, accept, and finally be yourself is the greatest gift of midlife. We get to see behind the curtains, the veils are lifting and the layers of our conditioning are falling away. We get to dig deep inside, finding and uncovering pieces of ourselves that we hid to please and accommodate others.

We get to follow our inner guidance, we get to set boundaries and limits and we get to show the world who we are. We can stop playing supporting roles in other people’s lives and finally be the stars of our own, shining our light to the world around us. We get to be us.

In this episode, I share my own journey of (re)discovering myself, the teachings that helped me accept myself, and how I am learning to live my truth without shame and judgment.

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