Ep.011: Money and Spirituality with Sarupa Shah

Ep.011: Money and Spirituality with Sarupa Shah

Money. A blessing or a curse. The root of all evil or source of influence. Whatever we believe about it, it often plays a crucial role in our lives. We give it meaning, but we also give it significance, value, and power.

In this interview, Sarupa talks about the true role of money as the exchange tool, nothing else. Yet we’ve made it so complicated how we view the money. We give it so much importance. We make decisions through money. We measure our value, worth, and purpose with it. We tie so many fears and doubts and insecurities with it.

We talked about the common stories we tell ourselves of and about money and how to change those stories to serve us, not hinder us. When we change these stories, we change the energies in our lives. Sarupa encourages us to explore our relationship with money to discover who we are and who we could be in the world. She shares how to rely on our hearts and intuition more and how it’s important to start living what we learn and be who we want to be.

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About Sarupa:

Sarupa Shah is an award-winning intuitive and highly acclaimed spiritual mentor & business coach and the owner and founder of The Soul Agency. The Soul Agency works with women entrepreneurs and leaders across the globe who want to put soul and spirit back into their life and the world.

Her passion and power are to show women how to heal their relationship with money (AKA themselves). She helped thousands of women change their financial story as well as discover their Soul Purpose and get on with living the dream and doing what they are here to do in the world and for the planet. Sarupa empowers women to maximize their contribution to the world without compromising their Soul and gives them the tools to claim their best life!

Connect with Sarupa:

Website: https://thesoulagentblog.com/
Abundance Oracle Cards: www.abundanceoraclecards.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/sarupa


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