Ep.012: Be Your Own Spiritual Guide with Susan Ellis-Saller

Ep.012: Be Your Own Spiritual Guide with Susan Ellis-Saller

Being able to hold space and counsel for yourself is empowering. No one else can truly feel into the totality of your emotions, intuition, and true desires like you can. That’s why you should learn not only to read tarot and oracle cards, but also to tap into the various other tools, symbols, and messages that will show up in your life.

We discussed how the community has progressed toward a much more accepting attitude towards tools like Tarot and how those tools are now widely available for everyone to use.

Susan shares how anybody can interpret messages the Universe sends, getting in touch and in tune with your soul, for yourself, and why it is so empowering to read your own cards and learn symbolism.

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About Susan:

Sue Ellis-Saller is a tarot card slinging, energy wielding, angel loving spiritual advisor, teacher, and mentor who adores helping Spiritual and Sensitive Entrepreneurs learn to market their businesses.

Sue loves to learn about and teach about spirituality, energy, manifestation, business, social media, and making the world a better place. When Sue isn’t studying cards or mysticism, she’s laughing with her children, stretching, exploring the world with her husband, or trying to train her pups!

Connect with Susan:

Website: http://sueellissaller.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SusanEllisSaller/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sueellissaller/

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