Ep.015: Consciously Co-create Your Life with Alenka Tercic

Ep.015: Consciously Co-create Your Life with Alenka Tercic

To be yourself in today’s world requires courage, but also taking full responsibility for our thoughts, actions and emotions. Living the life on our terms and consciously creating the world around us demands the integratiy, honoring our values and most of all, choosing who we want to be.

In this episode, I talk about those choices that we are making every day, regardless of the situation, about taking ownership of our choices regardless of the outcome and about expecting miracles and magic regardless of our past experiences.

I discuss how important each one of us is in the human evolution and how our choices and decisions are impacting everyone around us. I emphasised the importance of gratitude and compassion when delaing with the circumstances that we don’t want. And how to turn those unexpected outcomes into the lessons.

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