Ep.016: Living Courageously with Leanne Babcock

Ep.016: Living Courageously with Leanne BabcockEp.016: Living Courageously with Leanne Babcock

As we approach midlife, it’s so easy to get comfortable, content and complacent, telling ourselves that we are too old, that it’s too late and that most of our lives are over.

Leanne is a perfect example of how life can be amazing even when we grow older. She embraced her inner knowing, trusting her intuition and living life to the fullest – jumping from one adventure into another, trying new things and boldly following her dreams.

Leanne has done a lot of courageous things and she sees herself as a sensitive self-doubting woman, who is unwilling to be stopped by fear. We talked about her courage, how we mustn’t be stopped by our fears and insecurities, but rather shut up our mind and inner critics and seize the opportunities that make our lives interesting, fun and joyful.

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About Leanne:

Leanne Babcock is a daring adventurer, who is also a life coach, an intuitive, speaker and best-selling author.

She helps women reclaim their power so they live a fulfilling and purposeful life making the difference they want to make. She does this by working with them to peel away the layers of limiting beliefs holding them back and guide them to access and follow their own inner wisdom.

She is an author of 2 best-selling books: Open Me tells the story of how Leanne listened to her heart, followed her inner truth, and found her way—to freedom. Real & Wild You takes you on a self-coaching journey to face your inner dragons.

Connect with Leanne:

Website: www.leannebabcock.ca
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/leannebabcock
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/leanne.babcock.spiritual.transformation.author


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