Ep.018: Menopause as Sacred Passage with Debs De Vries

Ep.018: Menopause as Sacred Passage with Debs De Vries

When we reach the 40s, everything we are going through, every change we notice is too often dismissed as “just” menopause. It diminishes our struggles, it belittles our experience and it’s blurring our view on other issues that are presenting themselves.

It’s not just physical changes, but more internal, deep knowing on a soul level, that things are changing. And while this rite of passage used to be celebrated and honored, now in modern days we brush it off and push aside.

In this interview, we talked about how we should accept, acknowledge, and appreciate this phase, allowing our souls to emerge and shine. Debs explained the astrology and Kundalini aspects of this passage and we both agreed that our bodies are divine creations with innate knowledge and a sense of working perfectly if we allow and support them.

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About Debs:

Debs is the UK’s “go-to” mentor for the determined, creative, and ‘out of the box’ thinking woman who is spinning her wheels at her midlife crossroads.

No matter what the issue is – confusion: frustration: low energy – just not seeing a way ahead, sorting out tangled emotional problems, boosting skills and confidence, or taking a business to its next level, Debs knows how to guide and advice, champion, support and hold every woman who feels her soul’s calling.

 In addition to high level mentoring,  practical coaching and teaching  – using the practical tools she has created in over 30 years of business and personal growth tutoring, Debs uses the power of Transference Healing ®, Yogic Tantric knowledge, and a smidge of stardust,  her psychic abilities and a lot of love,  which are fundamental to the success of every client. 

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Website: https://debsdevries.com
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