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Ep.008: Parenting Wholeheartedly with Danielle Bettmann

Home is what matters. The parent-child relationship creates templates for life, and parenting is the HARDEST job in the entire world, with no training or manual to do it well. It’s an evolution of growth for both parties, and every child is unique.

In this interview, Danielle Bettmann shares about how the parent-child relationship evolves as kids age, and what’s important “big picture”

Ep.007: The Price of Leadership with James Arthur Ray

James Arthur Ray had it all. He lived an American dream. And then, after one tragic event, he lost it all. All his life fell apart – his company gone, his home and savings gone, even his friends turned their back on him.

In this interview, James shares how he got himself up again, how he overcame the pain and hurt and how he deals with the guilt and responsibility for the events.

Ep.006: Trust Your Feelings with Christa Norris

Ep.006: Trust Your Feelings with Christa Norris

Christa Norris is Intuitive Coach and Energy Healer and in this interview, she shares about her own spiritual path and what she is observing about our mental health and accepting our feelings and emotions.

We are often diminishing and putting down a woman’s personal experience. Christa emphasises how important it is to observe and listen to whatever your deeper parts, your deeper self is telling you.