Ep.018: Menopause as Sacred Passage with Debs De Vries

Ep.018: Menopause as Sacred Passage with Debs De Vries

Menopause is not just a physical changes, but more internal, deep knowing on a soul level, that things are changing. And while this rite of passage used to be celebrated and honored, now in modern days we brush it off and push aside.

In this interview, Debs explained the astrology and Kundalini aspects of this passage and we both agreed that our bodies are divine creations with innate knowledge and a sense of working perfectly if we allow and support them.

Ep.017: Midlife Dating with Jonathon Aslay

Thinking of starting dating again after a divorce? It might be scary, awkward, and often times very challenging, especially with the luggage of past experiences most women (and men) went through – divorce, family court, empty nest, elderly parents…

In this interview, we talked about how women can break the pattern of dating the wrong guys by finding that inner peace and love for themselves first. And Jonathon gave some awesome tips on how women can understand men better.